Human Resource Recruitment & Training

Human Resource Recruitment & Training Overview

As a SME, devoting time and money to dedicated HR  personnel may not be the wisest use of resources, especially when Solde Solutions has the ideal human resources systems setup, recruiting and training service offering.

Small to medium sized business love the service that Solde offers as it frees them to focus on business growth and lets Solde use their resources to do the time consuming tasks in HR recruiting. The business owners obviously have final say in staff selection.

Human Resources Services

  • Recruitment & Interviews, Training & Inductions
  • Write Advertising material
  • Staff Management & Performance Appraisals

Human Resources Problems for SMEs

Research has shown that HR troubles can end up costing small to medium sized Australian businesses hundreds of thousands of Dollars or more in the following areas:

  • Lack of productivity
  • Negative morale
  • Toxic environment
  • Over payment of wages due to lack of competitive wage comparisons
  • Over payment of sick leave
  • Delay is reaching maximum productivity
  • Staff turnover
  • Additional training costs
  • Lack of teamwork
  • Poor customer satisfaction scores and retention
  • Minimal engagement

Solde Solutions is a trusted advisor in all things HR related, and helps Western Australian companies get their act in order to ensure the costs associated with the above listed problems are minimised.