Accounting Software

Solde Solutions Accounting Software Services

Selecting the correct accounting software

Setting up the wrong accounting software can be a costly mistake for a small business. The reality is that not every business can benefit from the same software solutions. Solde has a comprehensive diagnostic process to help SME select the correct accounting/bookkeeping software for their needs and preferences. Some businesses prefer on-site solutions, others prefer cloud solutions. Some software is better suited for small operations that require less team collaboration while others need the ability to collaborate with other accountants/bookkeepers on their teams.

The big three accounting packages used by Australian businesses currently are:

Installing the software

Solde Solutions is a trusted business consulting company that has experience setting up accounting packages for small to medium sized businesses. This includes the technical setup and equally as important the structure and collaboration options. Not to forget the security and firewalls to protect sensitive private data of the businesses.


Solde Solutions has the experience and curriculum to train new and existing staff of their clients, or to help recruit qualified accounting and bookkeeping personnel.

Outsourced Bookkeeping/Accounting

If it doesn't make financial sense to hire, train and support full time staff to fulfill the bookkeeping and accounting functions of a small company, Solde Solutions provides bookkeeping and accounting functions that saves clients time and money compared to hiring their own staff full time.